Transcontagium: The Blinding of Spirit

Descartes described the pineal gland as the ‘principal seat of the soul’. The Vedas identify the region located at the middle brow as the 6th chakra point, Ājñā or the ‘3rd eye’. Alternative health care practitioners recognize this gland as a bridge between the physical and spiritual world, the seat of energy, clarity and intuition.

Thankfully there are established systems in place to purify, protect and strengthen this tiny organ which is highly vulnerable to damage and calcification. When hormones are administered to humans both the pituitary and the pineal gland are affected. The organ becomes stunted and its vitality declines. The more spiritually inclined person might warn that if the pineal is damaged, the soul can lose access to ‘insight and intuition’ and thus be more easily steered away from spiritual matters, more easily led into avarice and material excess.

Globally speaking, as we have digressed into more materialistic societies, individuals are rarely encouraged to use our intuitions, or to go inward for answers. We are more often advised to seek external solutions that can be both costly and dangerous.

Often disenfranchised from the soul’s work and the spiritual self, modern teens and young adults who question their sense of ‘body comfort’, ‘gender presentation’ or ‘sexuality’ are being encouraged to take hormone blockers which will arrest their puberty, alter their secondary sexual markers, as well as cause damage their endocrine system (the pituitary and pineal gland).

The medical industry with the help of extreme-left academia, astroturf political groups and mainstream media works overtime to conceal the damages being done millions. This unholy alliance of power brokers is effectively silencing dissenting voices who question the reckless practice of poisoning young people’s vulnerable endocrine systems.

There are no easy fixes to what ails our human communities, but rather than heal the source of our collective pain, the medical community and ‘progressive Western society’ compounds our feelings of disenfranchisement by encouraging us to augment our material selves. This is wreaking havoc on the patient’s pituitary and pineal glands.

Medical patient’s are unknowingly blinding their 3rd eye, and in some cases destroying the potential for their soul’s awakening to the self and the All.

The Left-hand-path work being done by some medical professionals is dark, soul crippling work in the form of hormone blockers prescribed to adolescents and teens. The same medical experts who would tell children to avoid cigarette smoke and alcohol will readily prescribe LUPRON DEPOT ® and elective surgeries that can forever rob the patient of experiencing sexual pleasure and/or the ability to reproduce. There is no evidence these surgeries save lives, and in many cases the patient regrets them.

It is one thing when an adult human chooses such a path in full knowledge of the ramifications, but it is quite another thing when medical experts recommends surgery or hormone blockers to their non-adult patients and their bewildered parents.

The socially-contagious notion of ‘being born in the wrong body’ has only recently gripped Western Society. Eugenicist and vulture capitalist have arrived in droves to perform procedures that are on par with those conducted by Josef Mengele.

It is not okay to conduct medical experiments on non-adults, and the people performing these procedures must be stopped, but it will be no small task as there is a great deal of money and power behind the Transcontagium.

Left-hand path work on a grand scale is being done across our globe in the form of war for profit, endless exploitation of children, women, the poor, animals and the environment, and now this avenue of assault against our children’s physical and ethereal bodies.

There is a legion of powerful forces behind the recent trend of creating lifetime medical patients whose 3rd eyes are damaged, souls suffering, increasingly dependent upon Big Pharma, and it will take a mighty push back to tilt the balance.

If you’ve read this far considering helping those of us already working to stop the destructive operatives from harming more precious lives/souls. We all deserve the opportunity to learn to love and accept ourselves as we were made, perfect and whole, children of the Universe.