The Conflicts Are Unparalleled


The Left is bursting with conflicting ideologies. The Right too.  Here is the short list:

  • Persons advocating to stop police brutality one week, are now advocating to disarm civilians, and rely wholly on police protection.
  • Persons who say we need guns to protect ourselves from tyranny also want to arm the government and tell ‘we the people’ to respect authority and obey the tyrants.
  • Persons advocating to absolve women’s rights to reproduction, because ‘life is precious’, remove resources that would feed, cloth and shelter poor and orphaned children.
  • Persons once advocating for ‘hope and change’, are now advocating for the same dead end policies that have caused this nation to go belly up over the last 40 years.
  • Persons once advocating for women’s rights and protections, are now advocating to forgo women’s rights and protections in favor of male feelings (aka lady brain).
  • Persons once advocating to protect peaceful protestors, are now advocating to ONLY protect protestors with whom they agree, jail the rest for treason.
  • People who were once vehement protecters of free speech, now want social media companies to control speech & ‘fake news’.
  • The party that once claimed to care about everyone under the big banner of inclusion & diversity now applauds neoliberal policies which kills children abroad.
  • The former peace party is now ramping up for WW3, and the once anti-war liberal media is helping.
  • The war party now wants to dismantle the FBI, CIA, militarize the police, and restructure the US government to the point of nonexistence, as it continues to sell weapons to ‘terrorist’.

What a time we are having in 2018. The hypocrisy is unparalleled. Our minds are fatigued from holding so many conflicting positions. I am surprised that we are not seeing more addiction and suicide. Or maybe we are.



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